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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Please sir, Tell Me When You're Gonna Go...

Back this time with some more concert footage since nobody likes the other stupid shit I've been posting. Its all good tho this ones bound to get me some traffic. Last weekend I rolled with the usuall suspects from the gurpcity family down to Petaluma to catch E40 rock the Phoenix Theatre. I showed up just as Turf Talk hit the stage and saw him as well as the Mossie do their thing. But Damn, when 40 hits the stage the place just goes nutso. This might not be the best piece of footage I've got, but it will definately give you some idea of how off the hook the crowd was. Now I wasnt in the best spot, off to the left standing on the incline of a skate ramp, so I wasn't EVEN ready for what happened when 40 Wata went into his latest single produced by Lil John "Tell Me When to Go". Literally the place went apeshit and I damn near kept getting knocked over by the people around me going absolutly retarded. Not to mention I was wasted off of Tall cans and Hennesy. Kinda sucks tho because it took a lil while for me to fully recover. See for yourself.

I'll post more video if i have time later this week.


Anonymous slummy said...

Damn, E40 really had all the hos yellin about being saved. I know I was.

You aren't the only one still recovering.

B-Legit looks like a beast even next to E-40.

10:41 PM  
Blogger funkybiznatch said...

B Legit is a gorilla mayne. He is a mean mugging stone cold piiiiiimp.

man that shit was so much fucking fun.

post the Gasoline footage PUH-LEASE!

10:58 AM  
Blogger Bloggy McYeeeeeeee! said...

WOW, who knew Petaluma could be like that

8:04 PM  

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