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Friday, June 16, 2006

A lil while back i went to this concert...

This past Easter sunday I Finally got to see Immortal technique perform live. Got a few extra surprises in there througout the night like the Fred Hampton speech I posted below but after that IT brought the house down. Definately Bumped Immortal Technique up from my top 20 favortie acts to top 5.

This is just a 20 min clip. I got the whole show but its like an hour long. If you want to see it, and its for something Important I suppose i could hook it up.

Some asshole posted an assholish comment on one of my updates a while back, nothing too significant. Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not changing the world with the ignorant rap concert footage I post or bathtubs full of vomit. But this douchbag for one reason or another must have thought I wasnt "Up on Game" or something because he posted a link to an Immortal technique website (not too frequently updated by the way for those of you who tell me I need to update more). So I guess this post is for that dude Hope youre happy fuck face.
Stoopid - Free Bay Area Mp3