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Friday, June 16, 2006

A lil while back i went to this concert...

This past Easter sunday I Finally got to see Immortal technique perform live. Got a few extra surprises in there througout the night like the Fred Hampton speech I posted below but after that IT brought the house down. Definately Bumped Immortal Technique up from my top 20 favortie acts to top 5.

This is just a 20 min clip. I got the whole show but its like an hour long. If you want to see it, and its for something Important I suppose i could hook it up.

Some asshole posted an assholish comment on one of my updates a while back, nothing too significant. Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not changing the world with the ignorant rap concert footage I post or bathtubs full of vomit. But this douchbag for one reason or another must have thought I wasnt "Up on Game" or something because he posted a link to an Immortal technique website (not too frequently updated by the way for those of you who tell me I need to update more). So I guess this post is for that dude Hope youre happy fuck face.


Anonymous Aaron said...

Thank you for posting this footage. It is vital that we help people out there see that our culture is still alive through speakers like Fred Hampton Jr. and hip hop like IT. I am glad this type of philosophy is not understandable to everyone because these close minded people would steal the culture just like they did the land.

12:12 PM  

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