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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A test run and a lil bit of butter on the side...

New things new things!!! I've been testing out new ways to host videos on this blog and make it compatable for all to view, not just those with backgrounds in codecs, compressions and bitrates. And after about a week of research, has passed the test and been declared the winner. So hopefully now as this thing moves along there will be no more problems with windows of garbled text, frozen screens and unknown required plugins.

Just a quickie upload of some old footage I had lying around. The setup here is at a bar in Chico CA during an AIDS benefit called Beans 4 Queens. durring some down time they had a butter eating contest, and lets just say Stone Jessie (the guy on the right,) won hands down. hopefully this shit works, you should just have to click the play button and enjoy. Let me know if it how it goes.

But really people, if you can't see this video get off the internet.


Blogger maxsidman said...

makes me wanna vomit just looking at that shit. and stoned jesse defaced my toilet once after his band played in my living room. fuck all that.

9:16 AM  

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