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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is this thing on? pt. 2

So this is it, I am officially a web nerd with too much time on his hands (yeah right!). Less than a month ago I purchased myself a nice little Cannon mini DV recorder. Since then I have been accumulating stacks of tapes with lots and lots of crap on them. I need to do something with this crap, so i figure where is there a place in the world where people just look at crap all day long? A colleague of mine had metioned that there are a number of video blogs popping up on the internet and it would be simple for me to contribute to the crap pile. So here I am. No not a pioneer blazing new trails, just a biter like everyone else.

Now lets see if this works...

Aside from being cooped up in a warehouse full of computers all day I record Hip Hop tracks at home for a number of Bay Area emcees, one of them is Conceit. A San Francisco native and underground freestyle battle champ. About a month ago we recorded this track at my studio apartment in Oakland. The beat was made by my good friend G Pek who has just produced an entire album (recorded by yours truly) for another SF emcee by the name of Z Man. The video is nothing flashy, I just put the camera in the closet when he was rapping and told him to try and do the track all the way through. Also, its only a rough cut of the final song but I think if you listen and watch you'll get the idea. Just a man and a microphone.

Gurp City message board

So yeah the majority of this video blog is going to be Hip Hop related, thats just the life I lead. If you don't like it, goodbye.

P.S. so i think i need to learn some more HTML coding, if anyone out there has a cheat sheet or a link to one of those "pimp yo blog" pages please hook a brotha up. Until then I'll just go with what I already know.


Blogger funkybiznatch said...

damn! im proud as shit right now. shit looks tight. im about to link you right now playboy.

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